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Top Notch Services Include But not Limited to:

-Mobile On Site Repairs

-Controlled Environment Service Jobs

-Roof Repair and Replacement

-Water Damage Repairs

-Preventive Maintenance 


-Slide Out Repairs

-12vt Electrical 

-120vt Electrical

-AC Service and Replacements


-All appliances

-Water Heater Repair and Upgrade

-Small Punch List Items

-New Flooring

-Furniture Replacement


-Much More

  *Service Fee up to 45 miles:  $125.00

  *Travel Distances over 40miles $2.50 per mile

  *Labor Rate is 125 per hour with 1 hour min. 1/2 increments after the first hour

   *Parts: Prepaid

   *Disposal Fee of Appliances (water heater, refrigerators, etc) $75.00

**3 % processing fee for using a card
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